Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is VR or Virtual Reality?
A: Simply put, VR or virtual reality is like a 3D movie, but better. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment such as special VR glasses and VR hand controllers.


Q: Can anyone do VR?
A: No. People that get motion sickness, people that have Vertigo or other medical conditions should not use VR for safety purposes.


Q: What is the minimum age to use VR at your facility?
A: Minimum age is 7 years old and 48 inches tall. Some restrictions may apply despite being 7 years old and 48' tall


Q: Is VR just for kids?
A: Absolutely not! In fact, VR tends to be more fun for adults than kids. Kids have no fear and do VR without being fazed. And therefore do not appreciate how real VR can feel. 


Adults however understand what fear is. So if for example you're walking on a tightrope or a plank on top of a skyscraper and you look down on the street, adults understand the possible consequences of falling which makes the VR experience even that much more intense and memorable.  Adults can also critically think which comes in handy when playing VR Chess, when doing a tactical shooting game or when trying to solve a puzzle in an Escape Room. 


Q: I've never done VR before. Do you offer a free demo to try out?
A: Yes we do. We offer a free 2 minute demo to customers who are curious about VR and would like to try it for the first time. In order to do the free demo, you must register at the reception desk and sign the wavier. 


Q: I wear glasses. Can I keep my glasses on while wearing the VR headset?
A: Depends. If your glasses have small frames then yes, we will allow it. However if your glasses have big frames that will not fit over the VR headset and/or have frames that can scratch the lense of our headsets, then we cannot allow it. In that case, you will have to take off your glasses to use our equipment.


Q: Do you sanitize your VR equipment after each use?
A: Absolutely. We use clorox wipes to wipe down and disinfect all headsets and controllers after each use.


Q: Do you have any multi-player VR games I can play with my friends?
A: Yes we do.  We have several to choose from.


Q: My brother and I would like to book a 60 minute VR Session. Can we share the station time or does my brother have to book a seperate station?
A: Yes, sharing time on a VR station is allowed up to 2 people max. This means you and your brother can for example take 30 minute turns on one station. However, if your sister comes in and wants to play VR with you, she would have to book her own station since you already maxed out your sharing with your brother. 


Q: I booked a 30 minutes session. I'm 20 minutes into the session. Can I stop the clock to take a quick break?
A: You can take a break if you wish but we are unable to stop or pause the clock. We recommend using the bathroom before each session so there is no interruption to your play.  


Q: Is there a weight limit to ride any of your VR simulators?
A: Yes there is. In order to not damage our machines, a person with a weight over 250 lbs. cannot ride our simulator machines.


Q: For birthday parties, can I bring my own food to the party?
A: Sorry, we do not allow any outside food in our facility. We have a catering menu that you can order food in advance of your party.


Q: If I book a 30 minute VR session, can I play for 10-15 minutes, leave and come back later to finish the remaining minutes?
A: Fragmenting your VR session is not allow as we work on a computerized booking system that assigns blocks of time. Once you commit to renting a specific VR station for a specific amount of time, you must use up the time within that session or you will lose it.


Q: Can I stop a VR experience in the middle of playing it to choose another game to play?
A: Yes. Simply press the triangle menu button on the left controller to pull up the menu in your headset to choose a different game. Our gaming assistants can also help you change games.


Q: How often do you change or add new VR experiences to your library?
A: In order to keep the VR experience for our customers fresh and new, we rotate out new games/experiences every month.


Q: If I buy a Simulator 5-pack or 10-pack, am I forced to use up all the rides on the same day?
A: No. Simulator 5 and 10 packs never expire. Meaning you can for example use up 2 rides on one day, then come back 2 weeks or a month later and use up the rest.


Q: Can I share my Simulator 5 or 10 pack with my friends or family members?
A: Yes. Feel free to share your stimulator packs with friends and family.


Q: If I purchase a Simulator 5 or 10 pack and for some reason I lose my Simulator card, can I get a new one?
A: Unfortunately no. Once we give you your Simulator card, it is your responsibility to secure it. The cards can easily fit in your wallet or in your purse pocket for safe keeping. 


Q: How long do each simulator ride last?
A: Depends on the game. We have simulator rides that last as little as 2:30 minutes to as long as 12 minutes and anywhere in between. On average, each stimulator ride is roughly 5 minutes or so.